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Tuesday, 21. May 2013 - 01:49 Uhr

FLEXIBLE KEYBOARDS: A replacement for your dead Keyboard


Many of us are forced to use an On-Screen Keyboard or huge cost of replacing a Laptop Keyboard once few keys or the whole keyboard is dead. Its no onger a problem once your computer keyboard is not functioning properly and you are not prepared to buy a new Kepboard part.


Well designed, Flexible and Water Proof Flexible-USB Keyboard is now available at our store, 2zone Computers! 



As you can see the keyboard will no longer leace you with worries once water or tea spill on it and you can easily wash it and dry it without a worry of disfunction. A keyboad is connected with a USB Cable that can be easily pluged on your computer for mobile functionality.


  You can use the keyboard on a Laptop and Desktop conviniently as long as the Laptop/Desktop posses a USB Port. The Keybord come packed in a circular transparent plastic tin as seen below, It supports all operating systeam and sold witha lifetime Warranty, so rest assured!!



Now Sold at 2zone Computers Store for 20,000/= Tshs or 15USD


Dont waste time Call Us to get your perfect companion.



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