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Saturday, 17. December 2011 - 14:03 Uhr




Well innovations are not over yet……

With this magnificent work of art, especially to hot weather places, its very uncomfortable to work with your computer. But dedicated to ensure quality services we not only sell computers but everything that makes you comfortable using what we see to you.

And this USB Desktop Fan is the Cadillac of USB desk fans. It's very powerful in terms of wind speed (think Category 4 desktop hurricane) and features an ample five-foot cord, a flexible neck, soft foam blades, optional battery power, and an on/off switch.


  • The USB Desk Fan does not oscillate. Why? Because desks are covered in things like important paperwork that you don't need to be chasing around like a crazed chipmunk.



Features & specs:

  • 10.5" tall x 5" diameter base
  • Powerful USB desk fan
  • Flexible neck

  • Foam blades for safety
  • 4.5 foot long USB cable
  • Optional battery power via 4 AA batteries (not included)

Now available from your trusted supplier 2zone computers at a discounted price of 18,000Tshs. Get yours  while offer lasts

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