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Thursday, 6. October 2011 - 14:55 Uhr

Indias Ultra low cost Tablet

India has launched the cheapest ultra low cost tablet called “Aakash”


It comes to no surprise as the so called rapidly developing countries have been aggressively innovating cutthroat technology but basically with the  intention to cut down costs of productions so that as a result, to  produce a cheaper product.

This has been witnessed as yesterday 5th October 2011, Indian human resource development minister  Kapil Sibal announced the first cheapest (to date) tablet computer which will be sold ati a subsidized price of 35$ which as projected will drop to 20 and 10. The tablet will be made commercially available in November.

The device is purposely produced for students. The tablet  has an Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is equipped with a 5/7/9(not certain) inch touch screen which is resistive and consists of 800x480 revolution and has a weight of  about 350gms.. The uncertainty is basically due to undisclosed features but it will be having 256MB of RAM, Storage space of 2GB and expandable memory slot of 32.GB as well as 2 USB ports.. The device will also be Wi-Fi enabled,  it sports a web browser, PDF reader, office software, media player, multimedia input/output capabilities, video conferencing (it must have a camera, then) and remote device management capability — all of it open-source and Linux-based.

The biggest worries is then on if the price of 35$ will be met by various distributors especially to indias remote areas but we like it or not, this is the cheapest prototype once made making comparisons to the current cheapest hp’s tablet which is sold at 99$.


Many have been said and some have facts. As its known the device is expected to have The 256MB of RAM, this is not a good news especially to users who quality comes first, this feature  will make the device inefficiency as India is one of countries which have slow wireless connections especially in school and universities



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